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9 Ways to Enjoy Anchorage from a (Social) Distance

Anchorage is the great outdoors you deserve, the magical cure to the not-so-great indoors that you’ve spent too much time in lately. This city is well prepared to keep you safe, entertained, and far away from COVID-19’s reach. Being the biggest city in the USA’s largest state means there is plenty of space for everyone. Here are some of the activities you can look forward to in Anchorage.

Mug of Hot Coco

Cook like an Alaskan, eat like a bear

It’s ok if you don’t know anything about Alaskan cuisine. Lucky for you, the Anchorage Daily News gathered 10 creative recipes to get you started. Imagine feasting on some parmesan-roasted Alaska carrots, a classic halibut olympia, and to top it off, a rhubarb almond coffee cake followed by a cup of rich hot chocolate by the fireplace. Anchorage’s local food establishments might not be able to offer dine-in services for the time being, but they would be delighted if you order take-out or delivery from them.

Glassy lake beneath snowy mountains

Walk it off

Social distancing is easy when you can enjoy the hundreds of miles of trails running across Anchorage and Chugach State Park. Whether you ski, cycle, or use your own two feet, there is plenty of space to explore. Hiking the valley scenes surrounding Eagle River Nature Center trails is unforgettable. The sheer beauty of our pristine natural surroundings is a great boost to your health and mood. It is hard not to leave Alaska fitter than when you arrived.

Girl admiring a painting

Connect to a museum

Anchorage’s museums might be currently closed as a safety measure, but that does not mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the region’s history and cultural output online. If you can read this article, you can just as easily head over and browse the Smithsonian Institute’s Alaska Native Collections, or experience several other Anchorage Museum exhibits without waiting in any lines.

Support the local businesses

You didn’t come all the way to Anchorage to return home empty-handed. Fortunately, you can do a good deed and help out the small-business community by picking up a little something to hold the memories of your visit. You might even be inclined to bring home some local gifts for your loved ones. No masks are required online, so don’t worry and stay cozy at home while you choose from a variety of local retailers.

guitarist hands

Enjoy a virtual performance

Nothing can stop you from immersing yourself in the local culture. Alaska’s culture and creativity have survived harsher winters, and with a little Alaskan spirit, so can you. You don’t have to stand outside in the cold to join. It takes little effort to participate in live-streamed concerts and shows. Check out Anchorage’s own Medium Build, a local band that live streams some of their concerts. You can also find virtual storytelling and storytime events from the Anchorage Public Library and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

alaska train

Speak like a true Alaskan

As a cheechako (someone newly arrived in Alaska) you will likely not understand some of the ways we sourdoughs express ourselves. Alaska’s unique lifestyle, history, and geographic location require its people to come up with many terms that nobody in Hawaii or the lower 48 will understand the first time around. Catch up with this Alaskan lingo starter pack to avoid misunderstandings in Anchorage.

Compass, globe, and quill

Understand Alaska’s unique history

A state that comprises over 1/6th of US territory and would be the 18th largest country on its own is bound to be full of interesting history. For example: did you know that Alaska was a part of Russia and was sold to the USA for less than what it cost to create New York City’s Central Park around the same time? If not, you might want to catch up on some history. There are lots of fascinating things to learn about the Inuit natives, the explorers that put the area on the world map, and how they have all influenced how powerful the state is today.

Grizzly bear and cubs crossing river

Learn about Alaska’s legendary wildlife

There are bisons, and salmons, and bears, oh my! The spectacular species that inhabit this unforgiving land are one of the state’s main attractions. Fall in love with all of the four-legged, high-flying, and fast-swimming Alaskans. If you are looking for a safe way to connect with the state’s fauna while helping to preserve it, pay a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. They are accepting visitors and are located just an hour’s drive away from Anchorage. They rescue orphaned and injured bald eagles, black bears, brown bears, coyotes, deer, elks, muskoxen, lynxes, bisons, wolves, reindeer, and porcupines. In one day you can knock off twelve different animals off your bucket list and provide some relaxed fun for the whole family.

Design your very own adventure

This is a perfect time to research which railroad trips, tours, galleries, and cruises you might want to experience. Join a virtual tour or a photo gallery, and plan the perfect future adventure with the help of the city’s local blog or visitor guide. Anchorage’s own visitor site is an excellent place to start putting your dream vacation together. Or see our full blog!

As you have learned by now, Anchorage surprises its visitors with an abundance of opportunities to immerse yourself in Alaska’s world-famous nature while simultaneously offering the same sense of exploration when you discover the charm of the city’s local businesses, arts, and culture. Your Alaskan adventure awaits you in Anchorage. Come and live it!